Newcastle & Northumberland Professional Drone Services

Northumberland Drone Photography & Videography Services

Jason Friend is a CAA approved drone operator offering professional drone photography and videography in Newcastle and Northumberland. As a qualified and insured commercial drone pilot, Jason provides high-quality aerial photography, videography, property inspections, and more. Our clients include Farrans Construction, Forest Carbon, and Northumberland Wildlife Trust.

  • Northumberland Drone Photography

    Capture stunning aerial images with our drones - perfect for businesses, events and projects.

  • Northumberland Drone Videography

    Our 4K video drones create professional footage for marketing, events, and editorial purposes.

  • Drone Roof Inspections

    Efficiently inspect roofs with high-resolution drone imagery, ensuring comprehensive coverage of tiles, ridges, and chimneys.

  • Professional Drone Services

    With over 20 years of experience, we deliver exceptional Northumberland drone photography and videography services.

  • CAA Approved Drone Operator

    Our services are fully insured and approved for commercial operations by the CAA, ensuring safe and legal flights.

  • Affordable Aerial Photography

    Experience cost-effective aerial photography, making high-quality drone imagery accessible for your needs.

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Northumberland Drone Enquiries

Contact us at 0800 954 0234 or email to hire a drone photographer or videographer in Northumberland.