Great achievement!

Thanks to fantastic team work yesterday, 8kg of litter was collected by 12 volunteers, from along the North Tyneside Coast.

8 adults and 4 children worked hard for 1.5 hours, picking up litter along a 700 metre stretch, at Whitley Sands (north).

Litter included large amounts of fishing twine, numerous plastic strapping bands, disposable cups, plastic bottles, foam pieces, confectionary wrappers and cigarette stubs, to name just some.

We’re all very proud of our achievement and the positive impact it will have for marine wildlife and beach users!  The tally of items from our survey sheet (a designated 100m stretch), will be shared with Beachwatch.

Thank you to North Tyneside Council for providing the resources needed for the litter pick and for collecting the bags of rubbish at the end of the event and the Marine Conservation Society for the support with useful materials for planning the event.


  1. Are there any more dates planned for a beach clear up ? We have a lot of volunteers who would like to get involved thanks

    1. Hi

      Thanks for getting in touch & it’s great to hear people are so keen.

      Unfortunately we don’t have any planned in the coming months but there is one at Newbiggen by the Sea, Northumberland if people can travel on 22nd June ( on the beach watch website) and also numerous events organised by Coast Care at:

      Many thanks,

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